1. Managing the Access Environment

1.1. Create and manage a database

Compact and Repair a Database, Pg 341

Security: Encrypt with a Password, Pg 335


2. Building Tables

2.1. Create Tables

Tables: Getting Started


2.2. Create and Modify Fields
Tables: Modify Data Types, Pg 35

Tables: Hide/Unhide Fields, Pg 55

Tables: Freeze or Unfreeze Fields, Pg 57

2.4. Set Relationships
Table Relationships: Use Keys to create Relationships, Pg 76

Table Relationships: Edit Relationships, Pg 77


2.5. Import Data from a Single Data File.

Import Data and Append to a Table, Pg 281

Import Data as a Linked Table, Pg 322

Microsoft Access 2010 Study Guide

             Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS): Exam 77-885 for Access 2010


5. Designing Reports

5.1. Create Reports

Reports: Create a Blank Report, Pg 168


5.2. Apply Report Design Options

Report Design: Reorder Tabs, Pg 235

Report Design: Add a Graph, Pg 255

Report Design: Add a Drop Down Box, Pg 264

5.3. Apply Report Arrange Options

Report Table Arrange: Reposition Controls, Pg 192

Report Table Arrange: Merge Cells, Pg 193

Report Table Arrange: Insert, Pg 194

Report Table Arrange: Cell Margins, Pg 196

Report Table Arrange: Cell Padding, Pg 197

Report Table Arrange: Align to Grid, Pg 229


5.4. Apply Report Format Options
Report Format: Rename Label, Pg 172


5.5. Apply Report Page Setup Options
Report Page Setup: Change Orientation, Pg 170