1. Managing the Access Environment

1.1. Create and Manage a Database

Access Options, Pg 194

Application Parts, Pg 282

Application Parts: Use Quick Start, Pg 280

Create a Database from a Template, Pg 277

File: Open, Pg 264

File: Save and Publish, Pg 276

File: Save Object As, Pg 267

Form Design: User Templates, Pg 279


1.2. Configure the Navigation Pane

Navigation: Delete Objects, Pg 270

Navigation: Rename Objects, Pg 268

Navigation: Set the Options, Pg 272

2.1. Create Tables
2.2. Create and Modify Fields

Tables: Create and Modify Fields: Delete, Pg 45

Tables: Create and Modify Fields: Insert, Pg 37

Tables: Create and Modify Fields: Rename, Pg 98

Tables: Modify Field Description, Pg 38

Tables: Modify Field Properties, Pg 46


2.3. Sort and Filter Records

Tables: Find Records, Pg 93

Tables: Sort Records, Pg 94

Tables: Filter Records, Pg 95

2.4. Set Relationships

Table Relationships: The Primary Key, Pg 69


2.5. Import Data from a Single Data File
Import Data into a Table, Pg 85

Microsoft Access 2010 Study Guide

             Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS): Exam 77-885 for Access 2010


3. Building Forms

3.1. Create Forms
Forms: Use the Forms Wizard, Pg 105

Forms: Use the Form Design Tools, Pg 134


3.2. Apply Form Design Options

Form Design: Apply a Theme, Pg 114

Form Design: Format the Header/Footer, Pg 138

Form Design: View Property Sheet, Pg 116


3.4. Apply Form Format Options

Form: Format Font, Pg 123