4.1. Construct Queries
4.1.1. Create Select Query

Query: Create a Select Query, Pg 157


4.2. Manage Source Tables and Table Relationships
4.2.1. Use the Show Table command

Query: Use the Show Table Command, Pg 184


4.3. Manipulate Fields
Query Design: Add a Field, Pg 171

Query Design: Rearrange the Fields, Pg 169

Query Design: Remove a Field, Pg 172

Query Design: Show/Hide a Field, Pg 162

Query Design: Zoom into the Code, Pg 190

5. Designing Reports

5.1. Create Reports
Report Design: Use the Report Design Tools, Pg 249

Reports: Use the Report Wizard, Pg 210


5.2. Apply Report Design Options
Report Design: Apply a Theme, Pg 218

Report Design: Format the Header/Footer, Pg 219

Report Design: Insert a Logo, Pg 219

Report Design: Insert Page Numbers, Pg 222


5.3. Apply Report Arrange Options
Report Table Arrange: Move Cells, Pg 252

Report Table Arrange: Split Cells, Pg 253

Report Table Arrange: Use the Table Functions, Pg 250


5.6. Sort and Filter Records for Reporting.
Reports: Different Views, Pg 216

Reports: Filter, Pg 228

Reports: Find, Pg 225

Reports: Sort, Pg 227

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