Form Design Tools: Design


1. Readings
Read Lesson 6 in the Beginning Access guide, page 129-150.


Edit the Form Controls with the Form Design Tools and the Property Sheet.



FrontRowVideo Begin6.accdb

popcorn1.gif, popcorn2.gif, popcorn3.gif, popcorn4.gif, movies1.gif.


Brown Bag Lunch ver6.accdb

BB Customers Logo.jpg

Brown Bag Logo.jpg

Lunch1.gif, Lunch2.gif, Lunch3.gif,



2. Practice

Complete the Practice Activity on page 151.


3. Assessment

Review the Test questions on page 152.


Lesson 6 : Designing Forms for Real Users


Form Design Tools: Design

Menu Maps

From the Home Ribbon.

Home ->Views->View->Design View, page 133


From the Form Design Tools: Design Ribbon.

1. Form Design Tools, page 134

2. Form Design Tools ->Design->Tools->Property Sheet, page 136

3. Form Design Tools ->Design->Header/Footer->Logo, page 138

4. Form Design Tools ->Format->Font, page 144

5. Form Design Tools ->Design->Tools->Tab Order, page 146