Test Yourself

1. Which of the following can look up data from one table and add it to another?
A. Select Query
B. Combo Box
C. Table Design
D. Label
Tip: Intermediate Access, page 36

2. What are the options for getting the target data for a combo box?

(Give all correct answers.)
A. From another Table
B. From another Query
C. Type the values I want (in a new list)
D. Find a record on my Form from the values I select.
Tip: Intermediate Access, page 38


3. Which step of the combo box Wizard prompts the user to enter a Label?
A. First step
B. Last step
C. The Wizard does not prompt for a label
D. The third step
Tip: Intermediate Access, page 47

4. Forms should be tested in Form view as a user sees them.
A. True
B. False
Tip: Intermediate Access, page 48

5. Which of the following is true?

(Give all correct answers.)
A. Hiding the key column removes that column from use, including matching the values to store
B. Setting the column width as 0 in the Property sheet hides the column from sight while still allowing the data to be used
C. Microsoft Access hides the Key Column by default
Tip: Intermediate Access, page 51