Create Ribbon


1. Readings
Read Lesson 3 in the Intermediate Access guide, page 55-84.


A Movie Search Form and Movie Subform.



FrontRowVideo Int3.accdb

popcorn1.gif, popcorn2.gif, popcorn3.gif, popcorn4.gif, movies1.gif.


BBL Int ver3.accdb


2. Practice

Do the Practice Activity on page 85.


3. Assessment

Review the Test questions on page 86.


Lesson 3 : Form and Subform Design, part 1


Form Tools->Datasheet Ribbon

Menu Maps

From the Create Ribbon.

1. Create ->Queries ->Query Design, page 61

2. Create ->Forms->More Forms->Datasheet, page 64

6. Create ->Tables->Table Design, page 72


From the Form Tools->Datasheet Ribbon

3. Form Tools ->Datasheet, page 65

4. Datasheet->Formatting-> Alternate Row Color, page 66

5. Datasheet->Formatting-> Conditional Formatting, page 67