Form Design Tools->Design Ribbon


1. Readings
Read Lesson 4 in the Intermediate Access guide, page 87-114.


Link a Form to a Subform and test it.



FrontRowVideo Int4.accdb

popcorn1.gif, popcorn2.gif, popcorn3.gif, popcorn4.gif, movies1.gif.


BBL Int ver4.accdb


2. Practice

Do the Practice Activity on page 115.


3. Assessment

Review the Test questions on page 116.


Lesson 4 : Forms and Subform Design, part 2


Form Design Tools->Design Ribbon

Menu Maps

From the Home Ribbon

Home ->Views->View->Form Design, page 92

Home ->Records->Refresh, page 102


From the Form Design Tools->Design Ribbon

1. Form Design Tools->Design->Tools->Property Sheet, page 93

2. Form Design Tools->Controls->Subform/Subreport, page 96

3. Form Design Tools->Design->Views->View, page 101


From the Macro Ribbon

1. Macro Tools->Design, page 105