Advanced Access Skill Test



5. Close the Print Preview and edit the Report in Design View.
Move these Controls to the Company Header:  

Company, FullName, Address, CItyStateZip, Phone.
Delete the Labels for these Controls.

Arrange the Controls stacked, like a return address on an envelope.
Edit the Properties for these Controls: Width: 3, Height: 0.2292, Left:0.3
Edit the Properties on the Detail Section so that they Can Grow.

  6. Move the Controls in the Detail Section Left so there are no gaps.


7. Select all of the Labels in the Page Header and Delete them.
Select the Page Number Control and move it next to the Date Control.
Resize the Report so that it is 10 Wide.
Save the Report and test it in Print Preview.
Return to Design View and resize the Controls as needed t
Save the Report and test it in Print Preview.

8. Go to Print Preview and Save the Report as a PDF File.
Name the File: Advanced Access Skill Test EAN, where EAN is your initials.

9. Close the Advanced Access Skill Test EAN.PDF.
Submit this file online.

Before You Begin: Open the sample database

Advanced Access Skill Test.accdb

1.Create a Select Query and add the following Record Sources: tblReceiptProducts, CustomerNameSQ, tblProducts.
JOIN the Tables by Key data:
From CustomerID in tblReceiptProducts to Customer ID in CustomerNameSQ
From ProductID in tblReceiptProducts to ProductID in tblProducts.

2. Add the following Fields to the QBE Grid:
From tblReceiptProducts: ReceiptID, DateReceipt
From CustomerNameSQ: Company, Fullname, Address, CityStateZip, Phone
From tblProducts: Type, Item, Specialty, Description, Price.

3. Save the Query as rptReceiptSQ.

Run the Query to test it. Close the Query.

4.Create a new Report with the Report Wizard.
Select rptReceiptSQ as the Record Source. Select all available Fields.
Group by ReceiptID, then by Company.
Choose the Stepped Layout.
Enter the Title: Brown Bag Lunch Co.
Select to Preview the Report and Finish the Wizard.