Test Yourself



1. Which Ribbon has the Workbook Views?
a. Page Layout
b. Home
c. Views
Tip: Intermediate Excel, page 147

2. Which of the following are Workbook View options?

(Select all correct answers)
a. Page Layout
b. Normal
c. Draft
d. Page Break Preview
e. Outline
Tip: Intermediate Excel, pages 148 & 154

3. What is the command for Portrait or Landscape?
a. Page Layout-> Page Setup
b. Page View-> Page Setup
c. Page Layout-> Change Orientation
Tip: Intermediate Excel, page 149

4. Which of the following is a Margin Option? (Select all correct answers)
a. Narrow
b. Custom
c. Normal
d. Wide
Tip: Intermediate Excel, page 151

5. Which of the following is true about Headers? (Select all correct answers)
a. Command is Page Layout-> Page Setup-> More-> Header & Footer
b. Headers and Footers are visible in Page Layout view
c. In Page Layout View, Headers and Footers can be edited with the Header & Footer Ribbons
Tip: Intermediate Excel, page 159 &163

6. Which of the following is a printing option? (Select all correct answers)
a. Entire workbook
b. Active Sheets
c. Print Selection
Tip: Intermediate Excel, page 168