1. Managing the Worksheet Environment

1.1. Navigate Through a Worksheet

Navigate with Named Ranges, Pg 88


1.2. Print a Worksheet or Workbook

Print: Print Selected Worksheets, Pg 168

Print: Print Entire Workbook, Pg 167

Page Setup: Headers and Footers, Pg 159

Page Layout: Sheet Options, Pg 165


2. Creating Cell Data,

2.1. Construct cell data,

Cell Data: Paste Special, Pg 57


2.2. Apply AutoFill,

AutoFill: Copy the Data, Pg 20

AutoFill: Fill a Series, Pg 18

AutoFill: Drop Down List Options, Pg 19


2.3. Apply and manipulate hyperlinks,

Hyperlink: Create a Hyperlinkl, Pg 198

Hyperlink: Modify Hyperlink Options, Pg 195

Hyperlink: Modify Hyperlink in a Cell, Pg 193

Hyperlink: Remove a Hyperlink, Pg 199

3. Formatting Cells and Worksheets

3.1. Apply and modify cell formats

Cell Data: Paste Special, Pg 57


3.2. Merge or split cells,

Formatting Issues with Merge, Pg 45

Format Cells: Unmerge Cells, Pg 44


3.3. Create Row and Column Titles

Page Setup: Print Titles, Pg 156

Print Rows that Repeat, Pg 156

Print Columns that Repeat, Pg 156

Headers/Footers: Odd or Even Pages, Pg 164

Headers/Footers: Different First Page, Pg 161



3.4. Hide and Unhide Rows and Columns

3.5. Page Setup Options for Worksheets

Page Setup: Orientation, Pg 149

Page Layout: Page Scaling, Pg 166

Page Setup: Margins, Pg 150

Header and Footer: Scale and Align, Pg 161

Microsoft Excel 2010 Study Guide: Intermediate Excel

             Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS): Exam 77-882 for Excel 2010


4. Managing Worksheets and Workbooks

4.1. Create and Format Worksheets

Worksheets: Insert Sheet, Pg 190

Worksheets: Hide Tab, Pg 188

Worksheets: Copy, Pg 25

Worksheets: Move or Copy, Pg 186

Worksheets: Move or Copy, Pg 186

Worksheets: Rename Sheet, Pg. 185

Worksheets: Group, Pg 192

Worksheet: Tab Color, Pg 187

Worksheets: Hide Tab, Pg 188

Worksheets: Unhide Tab, Pg 189


4.3. Manipulate Workbook Views

View: Normal, Pg 148

Print: Print Preview, Pg 157

View: Page Layout, Pg 147


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