5. Applying Formulas and Functions

5.1. Create Formulas,

5.2. Enforce Precedence,

Formulas: Order of evaluation, Pg 218

Precedence Using Parenthesis, Pg 219

Formulas: Evaluating Formulas, Pg 220


5.3. Apply Cell References in Formulas

Cell References: Absolute, Pg 37

5.4. Apply Conditional Logic (<,>,=),

Edit Defined Conditions, Pg 100

Use a Series of Conditional Values, Pg 102


5.5. Apply Named Ranges in Formulas

Formulas: Define a Named Range, Pg 89

Formulas: Edit a Named Range, Pg 95

Formulas: Rename a Named Range, Pg 89


5.6. Apply Cell Ranges in Formulas

Define a Range with the Formula Bar, Pg 88

Define a Range with the Mouse, Pg 89

Define Range with the Keyboard, Pg 224

6. Presenting Data Visually

6.4. Apply Sparklines

Sparkline: Insert a Sparkline, Pg 178

Sparkline: Change Type, Pg 180

Sparkline: Customize the Axis, Pg 184

Sparkline: Format Styles, Pg 181

Sparkline: Show/Hide Data Markers, Pg 182


7. Sharing Worksheet Data with Others

7.1. Share Spreadsheets

Save and Send: Send Using Email, Pg 208

Save and Send: Save to Web (SkyDrive), Pg 212

Save and Send: Send as XPS, Pg 217

Save and Send: Change File Type, Pg 214

Save and Send: Create PDF, Pg 215


From the Excel 2010 Expert Exam 77-888

1. Sharing and Maintaining Workbooks

Save: Save As Template, Pg 203

Microsoft Excel 2010 Study Guide: Intermediate Excel

             Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS): Exam 77-882 and 77-888 for Excel 2010