Take One

Exam 77-891 Office 365
2. Communicate by using Office 365 Outlook Web Application
2.3  Manage Contacts: Search

Search the Contacts
At the top of the Contacts is the Search Box. You can
Search by any Field in the Contact: Name, Company, Phone. You can also Search by key word if you wish.

5. Try It: Search the Contacts
Go to Contacts->Search.
Enter the Search word: Beth.
Click Search, or press Enter on the keyboard.

What Do You See?
Outlook will Search through your Contacts and return any Contact that match your Search criteria.

In the example on this page, Outlook found a Contact we imported in the previous step.

Do This, Now: Clear the Search Results
Click on the small, red X to the right of the Search box. This will close the Search Results. You should return to the Contacts.

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Contacts->Search Contacts