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Microsoft Outlook: Contacts
The Outlook Contacts Folder is a database of the people you know. A Contact can be someone you see everyday at work or perhaps a person you only know in Cyberspace. The Contact cards let you save names, phone numbers, E-mail, street addresses and other important details.

Making a List, Checking it Twice
If you really thought about it there is something you could do to enhance the lives of each person in your Contacts. A friend is a friend. The idea that business means winners and whiners is sooooo last century. Austrian economics is based on the premise that everyone wins. You want my apples as much as I would appreciate you buying them. We both get what we want.

This lesson demonstrates the Actions and Options available when you work with Contacts. We will create a new Contact as well as import several Contacts from a different version of Microsoft Outlook.

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