Take One Lesson 9: Show and Tell

1. Readings
Read Lesson 10 in the Office 365 guide,
page 229-256.

A Video Conference Call that shares the Desktop and a program. The CAll creates a Whiteboard and an online Poll.

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2. Practice
Do the Practice Activity on page 257.

3. Assessment
Review the Test questions on page 258.

Group Conversation->People Options->Invite by Name or Phone Number...
Group Conversation->Share->New Whiteboard
Group Conversation->Share->Program...
Group Conversation->Video
Group Conversation->Share->Desktop

Lync->Group Conversation->Share


From the Group Conversation.
1. Group Conversation->Share->Desktop, page 235
2. Group Conversation->Video, page 239
3. Group Conversation->People Options->Invite by Name or Phone Number..., page 240
4. Group Conversation->Share->Program..., page 242
5. Group Conversation->Share->New Whiteboard, page 246
6. Group Conversation->Share->New Poll, page 249

From the Mail Options Menus.
1. Mail->Inbox->Actions->Chat, page 233

Group Conversation->Share->New Poll