Select Chart Data

The sample Chart data included more information than we need. You can use the Handle in the bottom right corner to select the Range that is included in the Chart.


8. Try it: Select the Chart Data

Select: A1:D4.

The Chart on Slide 2 will update to match the Range of Cells that you selected.


Try This, Too: Edit the Chart Data

Select Row 4.

Go to Home->Cells->Delete.

Click on Delete Sheet Row.


Do This: Save the Presentation

Go to File->Save.

Browse to your Documents folder.

Enter the File Name: Save the Data.pptx

Click on Save.


So far, so good. The spreadsheet has three months data for the new products: Legs, Eggs and Pigs at Charlotte's Website.

Home->Cells->Delete->Delete Sheet Row

Exam 77-883: Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

4. Creating Charts and Tables

4.2. Insert and modify charts: Select Chart Data