Test Yourself

1. An object on the Slide Master is on which slides?
a. Some slides
b. Selected slides
c. Only content slides
d. All the slides
Tip: Advanced PowerPoint, 78

2. When the Slide Master Ribbon is visible, where is it located?
a. At the far left of all the Ribbons
b. At the far right of all the Ribbons
c. Between the File and Home Ribbons
Tip: Advanced PowerPoint, page 79

3. What Ribbon has the command to add Shapes?
a. Home
b. Insert
c. Tools
d. Format
Tip: Advanced PowerPoint, page 83

4. Which of the following are true about Date and Time?

(Select all correct answers)
a. Command found on the Insert Ribbon
b. Can be set to automatically update
Tip: Advanced PowerPoint, page 87

5. Which of the following are true about Footers?

(Select all correct answers.)
a. The command is on the Insert Ribbon
b. Can be added to all slides
c. Can be added to just the selected slide
Tip: Advanced PowerPoint, page 89

6. Which of the following is true about Recoloring a picture?

(Select all correct answers.)
a. Increase Brightness bathes the image in light and washes out the color
b. Increase Contrast makes black darker and white brighter
c. Decrease Contrast makes the pictures fade to gray
Tip: Advanced PowerPoint, page 93

7. Which of the following are true about adding Hyperlinks?

(Select all correct answers.)
a. A hyperlink can be added to a picture
b. Hyperlinks connect to web pages
c. You can add a hyperlink to a PowerPoint presentation
Tip: Advanced PowerPoint, page 95

8. To test a hyperlink you need to start the Slide Show.
a. True
b. False
Tip: Advanced PowerPoint, page 96

9. Which of the following are Picture Tools-> Arrange options? (Select all correct answers.)
a. Order Objects
b. Group Objects
c. Position Objects
Tip: Advanced PowerPoint, page 99

10. Which is true about adding Transitions? (Select all correct answers.)
a. Only applied to the selected slide
b. Use Transitions-> Timing-> Apply to all to add Transitions to all slides
Tip: Advanced PowerPoint, page 102