Draw a Custom Motion Path

The Animations shown on the previous pages have preset Effects you can select. There is another set of Animations for people who like to draw outside of the lines. You can make a Custom Motion Path if you wish.


4. Try it: Draw a Custom Motion Path

The basketball picture is selected.

Go to Animations ->Animation.

Go to Motion Paths->Custom Path


After you select Custom Path, click on the basketball picture. You should see a pencil following your mouse.


Draw a Motion Path from the basketball, through the hoop and dribble across the bottom of Slide 10. Double click the mouse to complete the Motion Path. You can also click Esc on the keyboard.


What Do You See? When you preview the animation, the basketball will follow the custom motion path.

Exam 77-883: Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

5. Applying Transitions and Animations

5.1. Apply built-in and custom animations: Use Custom Motion Paths

Animations ->Animation->Motion Paths->Custom Path