Presentation Tools

Watch your cursor as you move across the slide. You should see a white arrow that you can use to point and click.


You can switch to a Pen or Highlighter and annotate your slides with comments or gestures if you wish.


3. Try it: Add Pen Annotations

The Slide Show is open.

Slide 3 is displayed on screen.

Go to the Presentation Tools in the bottom left corner.

Select the Pen.

Circle the text on Slide 3 to make a mark.

What Do You See? When you click on the Pen in the Presentation Tools, you should see short menu that includes the Arrow, Pen and Highlighter. This menu also has an Eraser that lets you wipe out the annotations. You can Erase All Ink on Slide as well.


That looks good. Keep going...

Exam 77-883: Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

8. Delivering Presentations

8.1. Apply presentation tools: Add Pen and Highlighter Annotations

Slide Show ->Start Slide Show