Manage the Markups

2. What Do You See? The Markups look like little buttons. You can see or hide the Markups by clicking on Show Markup.


In the example on this page, the Comment was added to the picture and the Markup is initialed en3. When you run your mouse over the Markup, you will see the Comment in a balloon.


What Else Do You See? Look at the Review Ribbon. You can navigate through the Comments by using the Previous and Next buttons.


You can Edit or Delete the Comments as well. Delete has three options: you can delete the Markup you selected, all of the Markups on the current slide, or all of the Markups in the presentation.


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Exam 77-883: Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

6. Collaborating on Presentations

6.1. Manage comments in presentations: Edit

Review ->Comments->Edit Comments