Compare Presentations

How does the markup compare to the original presentation? PowerPoint can compare and combine different versions.


This lesson adds a duplicate slide to our presentation and saves the show as PowerPoint Advanced Complete. There will two different versions: the original, unedited download and the one we just saved as Complete.  Then, we can compare them.


1. Before You Begin: Duplicate a Slide

Select Slide 12.

Go to Home ->Slides->New Slide.

Click on Duplicate Selected Slides


Do This, Too: Save the Presentation

Go to  File->Save.

Browse to your Documents folder.

Name the file: Advanced Options Complete.pptx

Click on SAVE.


So far, so good....

Exam 77-883: Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

2. Creating a Slide Presentation

2.3. Add and remove slides: Duplicate Selected Slides

Home ->Slides->New Slide->Duplicate Slide