Adjust: Brightness and Contrast

Brightness is the amount of light on the subject. Contrast is the difference between absolute white and absolute black, Changing the Brightness can make an image much more alive and colorful.

2. Try it: Adjust the Brightness and Contrast

Go to Slide 1 and select the picture. The Picture Tools should be available.


Go to Picture Tools->Format-> Adjust.

Go to Corrections->Brightness and Contrast.

Select: Brightness: 0% (Normal) Contrast: +40%.


What Do You See? There are three different Picture Correction options:

Sharpen and Soften

Brightness and Contrast

Picture Corrections Options.


Each little square in the library is a different percentage of Brightness or Contrast. When you run your cursor over the Correction, you should see a Live Preview of the results.


Keep going...

Picture Tools->Format-> Adjust->Corrections->Brightness and Contrast

Exam 77-883: Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

3. Working with Graphical and Multimedia Elements

3.2. Manipulate images: Apply image corrections-Brightness and Contrast