Adjust: Change Picture

Say you formatted a picture with several Styles and Adjustments. Say you decided that a different picture would work better.


Is there a way to Change the Picture? What happens to the picture formatting?


7. Try it: Change the Picture

Go to Slide 1 and select the picture. The Picture Tools should be available.

Go to Picture Tools->Format-> Adjust.
Select: Change Picture.

You will be prompted to Browse for a picture. The example on these pages is the Sushi2.gif, however you can use a different picture if you wish.


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Memo to Self: You can also right-click the image to go to Change Picture.

Picture Tools->Format-> Adjust->Change Picture

Exam 77-883: Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

3. Working with Graphical and Multimedia Elements

3.2. Manipulate images: Apply image corrections-Change Picture