Reorder the Shapes

Say you wanted to change this graphic so that the order is reversed and the Shapes go Right-to-Left. Here are the steps.


7. Try it: Reorder the Shapes

The SmartArt is selected on Slide 4.
Go to SmartArt Tools->Design.
Go to Create Graphic->Right to Left.

What Do You See? The Shapes were reordered so that they are the opposite of the original layout: Dog, Cats, Mice. Keep going...!


Memo to Self: In the world of cartoons, everybody knows the hierarchy goes: Mice, then Cats, then Dogs, right?

SmartArt Tools->Design->Create Graphic->Right to Left

Exam 77-883: Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

3. Working with Graphical and Multimedia Elements

3.4. Manipulate SmartArt: Reorder the Shapes