Advanced Word Skill Test



6. Format: Necessary Computer Skills with the Title Quick Style.

7. Modify the Title Quick Style to use Arial Black Font. 

8. Apply the Style changes to this document only.

9. Apply Heading Style 1 to the table heading Computer Skills

10. Apply Table Quick Style of your choice. 

11. Select Last Column.  Remove the selection First column.           

12. Save the document as Your Name Advanced Word Skill Test.

Please submit your Skill Test online.

Before You Begin: Start Microsoft Word 2010.

This Skill Test includes a sample file:

Advanced Word Necessary Computer Skills.docx


Try This: Do the following steps

1. Open the sample document:

Advanced Word Necessary Computer Skills.docx


2. Add the following footnote to the end of the second sentence of the paragraph: Lack of Computer Skills Foils Many Job-Seekers.  7/29/2010.  Accessed 1/16/2011. 


3. Add a Form Control to the second column of the table:

   Insert a Dropdown (Combo) box.

   Double click to edit the Dropdown box

   Add three choices to the list: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced


4. Add two Check boxes to the second column of the table.

    Label them Yes and No 


5. Insert a new blank Row at the top of the chart:

    Add a Text field labeled Name:

    Add a Date Picker in the Second column