Intermediate Word Skill Test



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8. Add the following data:
Deeter Poohbah Training Detroit
Mary Contrary Marketing Lansing
Alex West Web Designer Ann Arbor
Leo Michaels Engineer Ann Arbor
Charlie Barliman Sales Lansing

SAVE the document as Friends and Family.docx.

9. Return to the Newsletter (Your Name Word Intermediate.docx)
Change the paper size to 8 x 14

10. Add two BLANK LINES Between the Headline and the first paragraph of text.

11. Create a MAIL MERGE using the Friends and Family list as the Data. Insert the merge fields:
First Name, Last Name, and Department

Keep going...

Before You Begin: Start Microsoft Word 2010.

Please do the following steps:

1. Open the sample Word document:

 "Locally Heavy Rains Soak Southeast Michigan."

2. Add the following text to the beginning of the document:
Rain Washes Out Hamburg Michigan
Apply Heading Style 1 to the text

3. Select all of the text EXCEPT the headline you just formatted. Format the highlighted text into two COLUMNS. Change the FONT size to 12 points.

4. Insert a picture from ClipArt. Use clips online to find a rainbow picture. Format the picture as a WASHOUT behind the text.

5. SAVE your work as Your Name Word Intermediate Skill Test.

6. Open a NEW blank Word document

7. Create a new TABLE with four columns and six rows.

Add the following labels to the first row:
First Name, Last Name, Department, Location