The Table is Set

A table displays data. In Chemistry, the Period Table organizes the elements. For example, the Noble Gases are listed in one column, the Alkali Metals are in another. In a book, a Table of Contents organizes the topics. The topic is in one column, and the page number is in another. Children in school learn Multiplication tables. The integers (whole, counting numbers) and the products are shown in columns and rows.

Table Tools

At the simplest level, a table is a matrix of rows and columns. Microsoft Word 2010 does Tables. We have already designed several Tables to organize products and customer lists. We also used Tables to display text and pictures in Web Pages.   


This lesson investigates several Table options in Word 2010 including Quick Tables, Table Designs and Templates. We will also compare Tables with Spreadsheets: What are the differences? How are they the same? What are the advantages to using a Spreadsheet in Microsoft Word?


So, if you are ready, please Start the Program Microsoft Word.