From the Word 2010 CORE Exam 77-881

1. Sharing and Maintaining Documents

1-2. Apply Protection to a Document

Protect Files: Encrypt with a Password,Pg 261

Protect a File: Restrict Editing, Pg 190

Protect a File: Mark as Final, Pg 263


1.3. Manage Document Versions,

Recover Document Versions, Pg 264

Manage Document Versions, Pg 264


2. Formatting Content

2.1. Apply Font and Paragraph Attributes

Format: Apply Styles, Pg 96

Format: Format Painter, Pg 110


2.2. Navigate and Search a Document

Navigate: The Navigation Pane, Pg 113

Navigate: Go to…, Pg 117

Navigate: Browse by Page, Pg 120

Search: Find and Highlight, Pg 115

Search: Find and Replace, Pg 113


2-3. Apply Indentation and Tabs to Paragraphs

Tabs: Indents, Pg 14

Tabs: Set Tabs, Pg 15

Tabs: Tabs Dialog Box, Pg 17

Tabs: Set tabs on the ruler, Pg 16

Tabs: Clear Tab Stop, Pg 19

Tabs: Set Stop Leader, Pg 19

Tabs: Move Stop Position, Pg 18

Microsoft Word 2010 Study Guide: Advanced Word

             Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS): Exam 77-881 and 77-887 for Word 2010


From the Word 2010 CORE Exam 77-881

2.7. Apply Bullets to a Document

Bullets: Restart at One, Pg 40

Bullets: Decrease (Promote), Pg 42

Bullets: Increase (Demote), Pg 42

Bullets: Stop List Creation, Pg 47


3. Page Layout and Reusable Content

3.1. Apply and Edit Page Setup Settings

Page Setup: Non Breaking Space, Pg 111

Page Setup: Hyphenation, Pg 124

Page Setup: Work with Breaks, Pg 112

Page Setup: Insert Page Break, Pg 111

Page Layout: Section Breaks, Pg 152

Insert Blank Page, Pg 207


3.2. Apply Themes

Page Layout: Customize a Theme, Pg 197


3.5. Create and Edit Headers and Footers

Header/Footers: Insert Page Numbers, Pg 145

Header/Footers: Insert Date and Time, Pg 148

Header/Footers: Add Content, Pg 144

Header/Footer: Delete, Pg 143

Header/Footers: Change Margins, Pg 149

Header/Footers: Different First Page, Pg 150

Header/Footers: Odd and Even Pages, Pg 154

Header/Footers: Navigation, Pg 153


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