From the Word 2010 CORE Exam 77-881

4. Including Illustrations and Graphics

4.1. Insert and Format Pictures

Pictures: Captions, Pg 173

Illustrations: Screenshot, Pg 208


4.2. Insert Shapes, WordArt, and SmartArt

Shapes: Captions, Pg 173


4.4. Apply and Edit Text Boxes

Text Box: 3D Style, Pg 205


5. Proofreading Documents

5.3. Insert and Modify Comments

Comments: Review the Comments, Pg 237

Comments: Add a Comment, Pg 236

Comments: Edit a Comment, Pg 236

Comments: Delete a Comment, Pg 238

Comments: Show Comments, Pg 242


6. Applying References and Hyperlinks

6-2. Create Endnotes and Footnotes

References: Footnotes, Pg 126

References: Footnote Options, Pg 128


6.3. Create a Table of Contents

Table of Contents: Built-in Formats, Pg 157

Table of Contents: Show Levels, Pg 161

Table of Contents: Alignment, Pg 161

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             Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS): Exam 77-881 and 77-887 for Word 2010