1. Sharing and Maintaining Documents

1.1 Apply Different Views to a Document

Views: Zoom, Pg 148

Views: Spilt windows, Pg 149

Views: Document views, Pg 146

Views: Switching Windows, Pg 153

Views: New Window, Pg 152


1.2. Apply Protection to a Document

1.4. Share Documents

Share Documents: File Types, Pg 83


1.5. Save a Document

Save: DOCX format, Pg 85

Save: File Types, Pg 85

Save: Save As options, Pg 86


2. Formatting Content

2.1. Apply Font and Paragraph Attributes

Format: Font and paragraphs, Pg 33


3.3. Construct Content with Quick Parts

Quick Parts: Add Built-in Blocks, Pg 169


3-5. Create and Modify Headers/Footers

Header/Footers: Insert Quick Part, Pg 185

4. Including Illustrations and Graphics

4.1. Insert and Format Pictures

Pictures: Artistic Effects, Pg 107

Pictures: Compress, Pg 109

Pictures: Corrections, Pg 103

Pictures: Crop to Shape, Pg 114

Picture: Reset, Pg 111

Picture: Styles, Pg 99

Picture: Size, Pg 22


4.2. Insert and Format Shapes, WordArt, and SmartArt

Shapes: Add Text, Pg 131

Shapes: Modify Text, Pg 132

Shapes: Shape Styles, Pg 125

Shapes: Size, Pg 130


4.3. Insert and Format Clip Art

ClipArt: Picture Corrections, Pg 103

ClipArt: Modify the Shape, Pg 125

ClipArt: Reset, Pg 111

ClipArt: Picture Styles, Pg 126

ClipArt: Arrange Options, Pg 165

Clip Art: Size, Pg 53

Microsoft Word 2010 Study Guide: Beginning Word

             Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS): Exam 77-881 for Word 2010


4.4. Apply and Edit Text Boxes

Text Box: Format, Pg 170

Text Box: Add Selection to Quick Part Gallery, Pg 180

Text Box: Styles, Pg 171

Text Box: Text Direction, Pg 175

Text Box: Shape Effects, Pg 172

Text Box: Arrange, Pg 142


5. Proofreading Documents,

5-1. Validate content With Spelling and Grammar Checking,

Proofing: Grammar settings, Pg 81

5-2. Configure AutoCorrect Settings,

Proofing: AutoCorrect Options, Pg 77

Proofing: AutoCorrect Add or Remove, Pg 78

Proofing: AutoCorrect Exceptions, Pg 79

Proofing: AutoCorrect, Pg 72


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