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1. Readings
Read Lesson 1 in the Intermediate Word guide, page 11-37.



A newsletter formatted with two columns. The graphics include a satellite photo and a chart designed in Excel.



Files used in the lesson:

Locally heavy rains soak southeast Michigan.doc

Satellite2010.gif,  Rainbow.jpg


Rainfall 2010.xlsx

Microsoft Office 2010 Article.docx

Microsoft Office 2010 Pricing.xlsx


2. Practice

Complete the Practice Activity, page 38.


3. Assessment

Review the Test questions, page 39.


Lesson 1: Rain Washes Out Hamburg


Menu Maps

This lesson shows options on the Page Layout and Picture Tools Format Ribbons.

1. Page Layout-> Columns, page 20

2. Page Layout-> Page Borders, page 28

3. Picture Tools-> Format-> Size, page 22

4. Picture Tools->Format->Arrange->Position, page 23

5. Picture Tools->Format->Arrange->Text Wrapping, page 26