Exam 77-881: Microsoft Word 2010 Core

4. Including Illustrations and Graphics in a Document

4-3. Insert and format Clip Art



Use Pictures in a Table

Pictures are handled differently when they are inserted into a Table. The purpose of the Table is to provide a grid for the pictures and text.


All web pages use Tables to keep the layout consistent. This is true whether the Table is created in MS Word, Macromedia or just HTML programming.


Pictures in a table do not need any Text Wrapping. In fact, it is much better if you donít use Text Wrapping.


Microsoft Office Clip Art offers cartoons, photos, sounds and videos. Here is how you can find and organize them.

1. Try it: Insert ClipArt

Place your cursor in Cell B1 in the table.

Go to Insert ->Illustrations->Clip Art.


2. Find Clips Online

At the bottom of the ClipArt Taskbar is a link for Office.com.


Insert -> Illustrations -> Clip Art -> Find more at Office.com