From the Word 2010 CORE Exam 77-881

1. Sharing and Maintaining Documents

1.4. Share documents

Share documents: E-mail blasts, Pg 211

Share documents: SkyDrive, Pg 209

Share documents: Internet Fax, Pg 207

Share documents: Publish a Blog, Pg 56


1.6. Apply a Template to a Document

Templates: Find a Template, Pg 45


2.5. Create Tables

Table: Use a Table to Control Layout, Pg 153


2.6. Manipulate Tables in a Document

Table: View Gridlines, Pg 166


3. Page Layout and Reusable Content

3.1. Apply and Edit Page Setup Settings

Page Setup: Margins, Pg 100

Page Setup: Columns, Pg 19


3.2. Apply Themes

Page Layout: Themes, Pg 48


3.4. Create and Edit Page Backgrounds

age Layout: Page Background, Pg 101

Page Layout: Page Color, Pg 101

Page Layout: Watermark, Pg 102

Page Layout: Page Border, Pg 105

From the Word 2010 CORE Exam 77-881

4. Including Illustrations and Graphics

4.1. Insert and Format Pictures

Picture: Arrange Options, Pg 23


4.2. Insert Shapes, WordArt, and SmartArt

Shapes: Arrange Options, Pg 24


4.3. Insert and format Clip Art

ClipArt: Organizing Images, Pg 155

ClipArt: Artistic Effects, Pg 75

ClipArt: Compress Images, Pg 157


6. Applying References and Hyperlinks

6.1. Apply a Hyperlink

Hyperlink: Link using Text, Pg 162

Hyperlink: Link using a Graphic, Pg 200

Hyperlink: Link to Bookmark Pg 174

Hyperlinks: Create Bookmarks, Pg 167

Hyperlink: Create New Document, Pg 163

Hyperlink: E-mail Address, Pg 165


7. Performing Mail Merge Operations

7.1. Setup Mail Merge

Mail Merge: Using the Wizard, Pg 118

Mail Merge: Using the Mailings Ribbon, Pg 78

Mail Merge: Troubleshoot Errors, Pg 135


7.2. Execute mail merge

Mail Merge: Print, Pg 84

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