Create Ribbon


1. Readings
Read Lesson 7 in the Beginning Access guide, page 153-176.


Create several Select Queries based on the Table tblMovies.



FrontRowVideo Begin7.accdb

popcorn1.gif, popcorn2.gif, popcorn3.gif, popcorn4.gif, movies1.gif.


Brown Bag Lunch ver7.accdb

BB Customers Logo.jpg

Brown Bag Logo.jpg

Lunch1.gif, Lunch2.gif, Lunch3.gif,



2. Practice

Complete the Practice Activity on page 177.


3. Assessment

Review the Test questions on page 178.


Lesson 7 : Query Designs


Query Ribbon

More Menu Maps

From the Home Ribbon

1. Home ->Sort & Filter->Descending, page 162

2. Home ->Views->View->Design View, page 163

Menu Maps

From the Create Ribbon.

Create ->Queries-> Query Wizard, page 157


From the Query Ribbon.

1. Query Tools ->Design, page 164

2. Query Tools ->Design-> Results->Run, page 166

3. Query Tools ->Design->Query Setup, page 172