Advanced Excel 2010 Skill Test


1. Which of the following is true about Macros?

(Select all correct answers)
a. Macros record actions as you complete a task
b. The user must specify the start and stop to a macro recording
c. Macros will record mistakes
Tip: Advanced Excel, page 253

2. Which Ribbon has the command for Macros?
a. Home
b. Review
c. Developer
d. Tools
Tip: Advanced Excel, 250

3. Office 2010 allows users to do what with Macros?

(Select all correct answers)
a. Add macros to the Ribbon
b. Create a new group to put a user created macro into
c. Use a custom icon for a user created macro
Tip: Advanced Excel, page 263

4. Which of the following is true about Macro Security?
a. Macros are disabled by default because they are a security risk
b. Macros can be permanently enabled in a spreadsheet
c. Macros can be temporarily enabled in a spreadsheet for only the current session
d. The settings for Macros are found in the Trust Center
Tip: Advanced Excel, page 273

5. Which of the following can be customized in Excel 2010? (Select all correct answers)
a. Ribbons
b. Quick Access Toolbar
c. Document Properties
Tip: Advanced Excel, page 266