SmartArt Tools->Design
Drawing Tools->Format


1. Readings
Read Lesson 7 in the Beginning Excel guide, page 167-212.



A practice spreadsheet with SmartArt graphics that you do not have to save.



Check Book 2010.xlsx

Price List.xlsx

Picture This!.xlsx

Excel 2010 Shapes and SmartArt.xlsx


Graphic files used in the lesson:

Logo, Farm,


2. Practice

Complete the Practice Activity, page 213.


3. Assessment

Review the Test questions, page 214.


Lesson 7: SmartArt and Graphics


Menu Maps

This lesson shows the Drawing and SmartArt Format and Design Ribbons.

1. Drawing Tools-> Format->Shapes Style, page 171

2. Drawing Tools-> Format->Shapes Fill, page 172

3. Drawing Tools-> Format->Shape Outline, page 173

4. Drawing Tools-> Format->Shapes Effects, page 174

5. SmartArt Tools -> Design-> Change Colors, page 183

6. SmartArt Tools -> Design-> Layout, page 184

7. SmartArt Tools -> Design-> Add Shape, page 186

8. SmartArt Tools -> Design-> Demote, page 187