Layout: Distribute Rows

You can use the Layout Tools to Distribute the Rows evenly instead of resizing each Row by hand. Here are the steps.


1. Try This: Edit the Cell Size

Select Cell B4.

Go to Table Tools ->Layout->Cell Size.

Type the Height: 3


What Do You See? Row 4 should be taller.


2. Try This, Too: Distribute the Rows

Select the Rows from Apple Cider Crisp to No Bananas (B2:C4).

Go to Table Tools->Layout->Cell Size.

Click on Distribute Rows.


What Do You See? The three rows that you selected should be the same height, now.

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Exam 77-883: Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

4. Creating Charts and Tables

4.1. Construct and modify tables: Distribute

Table Tools ->Layout->Cell Size->Distribute Rows