Design: Arrange

You can use the options in the Arrange Group to edit the placement of your Table.


1. Try it: Center the Table

Select the Table on Slide 2.

Go to Table Tools ->Layout->Arrange.
Go to
Align->Align Center.


2. What Do You See? The Table was centered on the slide.


Made You Look: The Align options are:

Align Left, Center, Right

Align Top, Middle, Bottom

Distribute Horizontally (not shown)

Distribute Vertically (not shown)


OK. That's a brief introduction to Tables.


Do This, Too: Save Your Presentation

Go to File->Save.

Browse to your Documents folder

Enter the File Name: Charlotte's Website.

Click SAVE.

Exam 77-883: Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

4. Creating Charts and Tables

4.1. Construct and modify tables: Arrange: Align Center

Table Tools ->Layout->Arrange->Align Center