More Exit Effects

Before You Begin: Add another picture

Go to Slide 4: Hockey

Go to Insert->Illustrations->Picture.

Browse to your Documents folder and select the picture of a hokey puck.


Place the puck in the center of the slide.


7. Try This: Find More Exit Effects

Select the puck.

Go to Animations ->Animation->More.

Click on More Exit Effects. 

Go to Exciting->Spiral Out.

Click OK.


Try This, Too: Modify the Timing

Go to Animations-> Timing.

Edit the Start: After Previous.


Preview the animation. The puck will  begin where you placed it then spiral out.

Exam 77-883: Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

5. Applying Transitions and Animations

5.1. Apply built-in and custom animations: Find More Exit Effects

Animations ->Animation ->More-> More Exit Effects