Custom Animation

So far, so good. This lesson has shown how to find the various animation effects in the library. You can create your own animation effects. 


Before You Begin: Add a Picture

Go to Slide 10: Basketball

Go to Insert->Illustrations->Picture.

Browse to your Documents folder and select the basketball picture.


Place the basketball in the upper left corner of the slide, please.


1. Try This: Apply Image Corrections

You can use the Picture Tools to select the white background around the basketball picture and make it transparent.


Select the basketball picture on Slide 10.

Go to Picture Tools->Adjust->Color.

Select: Set Transparent Color.

Click on the white background surrounding the basketball picture.


Keep going...this could be interesting.


Exam 77-883: Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

3. Working with Graphical and Multimedia Elements

3.1. Manipulate graphical elements: Apply Image Corrections


Memo to Self: The basketball image is hidden behind the Color menu in this screen shot.