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1. Readings
Read Lesson 7 in the Beginning PowerPoint guide, page 191-243.


A presentation that combines several slide shows into one and formats the sections.



Spring Has Sprung.pptx

Spring Forward, Fall Back.pptx

Song of Solomon.pptx

hat1.gif, hat2.gif, hat3.gif, hat4.gif

hat5.gif, hat6.gif, hat7.gif, hat8.gif


crane 1, crane 2, crane 3, crane 4

Sandhill Cranes.pptx

Extra for Experts.pptx


2. Practice

Do the Practice Activity on page 244.


3. Assessment

Review the Test questions on page 245


Lesson 7: Photo Albums and Views


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From the Home Ribbon

6. Home ->Slides->New Slide->Reuse Slides, page 211

7. Home->Slides->Section->Add Section, page 215

8. Home->Paragraph->Columns, page 242

Menu Maps

From the View Ribbon.

1. View ->Switch Windows, page 205

2. View ->Window->Arrange All, page 206

3. View ->Window->Cascade, page 207

4. View ->Window->Zoom, page 208

5. View ->Color/Grayscale, page 209


Not pictured above:

9. View->Presentation Views, page 220