1. Readings
Read Lesson 5 in the Advanced Word Guide, page 179-220.



Create an interactive form using the Developers Tools. This form will include a Cover Page, Smart Art and a Screen Shot.



Files used in the lesson:

Bug Report 2010.docx

Charlotte Letterhead.docx

Charlotte Quarterly Report 2010 Final.docx


2. Practice

Complete the Practice Activity, page 221 .


3. Assessment

Review the Test questions, page 222.


Lesson 5: Who Done It?


Menu Maps

This lesson shows options on the Insert and Developer Ribbons.

1. Insert-> Table, page 182

2. Developer-> Controls-> Rich Text Control, page 186

3. Developer-> Controls-> Date Picker, page 187

4. Developer-> Controls-> Combo Box, page 188

5. Developer-> Controls-> Properties, page 189

6. Developer-> Protect-> Restrict Editing, page 190

7. Insert->Cover Page, page 201

8. Insert-> Smart Art, page 203

9. Insert-> Illustrations-> Screen Shot, page 208