Test Yourself

1. Which commands are in the proofing group? (Select all correct answers.)
a. Spelling and Grammar
b. Research
c. Thesaurus
d. Word Count
Tip: Advanced Word, page 226

2. You can add words to Word’s dictionary during spell check.
a. True
b. False
Tip: Advanced Word, page 227

3. Where does the information returned from using the Research command come from?
a. Online sites such as Bing or Google
b. An encyclopedia installed on your computer
Tip: Advanced Word, page 228


4. Which Ribbon has the Comments?
a. Insert
b. Review
c. References
Tip: Advanced Word, page 236

5. Which of the following is true about the Comments? (Select all correct answers)
a. Individual comments can be deleted one at a time
b. All comments can be deleted at one time
Tip: Advanced Word, page 238

6. Which of the following are view options with Track Changes?

(Select all correct answers)
a. Final: Show Mark up
b. Final
c. Original: Show Markup
d. Original
Tip: Advanced Word, page 243

7. The Revision Pane in Compare and Merge allows users to jump to any marked change by clicking on it.
a. True
b. False

Tip: Advanced Word, page 252

8. What does Document Inspector look for? (Select all correct answers)
a. Comments and Revisions
b. Document Properties
c. Bad Code
d. Invisible and hidden content
Tip: Advanced Word, page 259

9. Which of the following are Protection options? (Select all correct answers)
a. Require a password to open the document
b. Mark as Final
c. Add a Digital Signature
Tip: Advanced Word, page 261-263