Table Tools->Layout


1. Readings
Read Lesson 5 in the Intermediate Word guide, page 145-180.



Create a web page using a table to organize layout, Table Tools, merge cells, insert picture, save as web page, insert hyperlink, insert hyperlink to email.



index.mht products.mht, delivery.mht, Fruit and Nuts.docx, Charlotte.mht

PreventPC Meltdown.doc


Graphic files used in the lesson:

1Logo, FarmFarmersMarket2.gif


2. Practice

Complete the Practice Activity, page 179


3. Assessment

Review the Test questions, page 180.


Lesson 5: Charlotte's Website


Menu Maps

This lesson shows the Insert and Table Layout Ribbons.

1. Insert->Table, page 150

2. Table Tools-> Layout-> Merge->Merge Cells, page 151

3. Insert->Illustrations->Clip Art, page 153

4. Insert->Links-> Hyperlink, page 162

5. Table Tools->Layout ->View Gridlines, page 166

6. Insert-> Links-> Bookmark, page 172