Lesson 6: Online, All the Time

Before You Begin: Download a sample picture: Farm

Start Microsoft Word 2010.


Try This: Do the following steps

1. Open an new, blank document.

2. Insert a picture: Farm

3. Format the picture as follows:

    Position in Top Center with Square Text Wrapping

    Crop to Shape: Rounded Rectangle

    Picture Style: Reflected Rounded Rectangle

4. Adjust the Picture Color Options:

    Change the Color Tone. Make the Temperature: 8,800

5. Format the Text Wrapping:

    Send the Farm picture Behind Text

    Use the layout options to Lock the Anchor

6. Go to the Paragraph Group and click on Show/Hide to show the Anchor.


7. Enter the following Text:

    Charlotte's Website

    Format the Text: Tahoma, 18 pt, Centered

8. Add a hyperlink:

    Set Target Frame: New window

    Edit the Screen Tip: From the farm to your table

9. Format the hyperlink: Tahoma, 14 pt, Centered

10. Save as YOUR NAME Online Practice.docx