1. Readings
Read Lesson 4 in your Beginning Excel Guide, page 81-101.



A checkbook and a spreadsheet that compares employee salaries to the average.



Check Book 2010.xlsx


2. Practice

There is no Practice Activity for this lesson.


3. Assessment

Review the Test Yourself questions on page 102


Lesson 4: A Question of Balance


Menu Maps

This lesson introduces the Home and Formulas Ribbons.

1. Home ->Number, page 82

2. Home ->Number->Currency, page 86

3. Home ->Number->Decrease Decimal, page 87

4. Formulas->Function Library-> AutoSum, page 89

5. Formulas->Function Library-> More Functions, page 95

6. Formulas->Function Library->Logical, page 97

7. Formulas->Insert Function, page 100