Table Tools->Layout Ribbon


1. Readings
Read Lesson 1 in the Advanced PowerPoint guide, page 11-38.


A sample presentation that includes a table and an Excel Chart.



Charlotte's Website Complete.pptx




2. Practice

Complete the Practice Activity on page 39.


3. Assessment

Review the Test questions on page 40.


Lesson 1 : Show and Tell Tables and Spreadsheets


Table Tools->Layout Ribbon

Menu Maps

From the Table Tools-> Layout Ribbon.

1. Table Tools, page 17

2. Table Tools->Layout->Merge, page 18

3. Table Tools ->Layout->Alignment, page 21

4. Table Tools ->Layout->Alignment->Text Direction, page 22

5. Table Tools ->Layout->Cell Size, page 23

6. Table Tools ->Layout->Cell Size->Distribute Rows, page 24

7. Table Tools ->Layout->Arrange->Align, page 30


From the Table Tools-> Design Ribbon.

    Table Tools ->Design->Table Style, page 16