Report Layout Tools->Design Ribbon


1. Readings
Read Lesson 9 in the Beginning Access guide, page 205-231.


A Report created with the Report Wizard and formatted with a Theme..



FrontRowVideo Begin9.accdb

popcorn1.gif, popcorn2.gif, popcorn3.gif,

popcorn4.gif, movies1.gif.


Brown Bag Lunch ver9.accdb

BB Customers Logo.jpg

Brown Bag Logo.jpg

Lunch1.gif, Lunch2.gif, Lunch3.gif,



2. Practice

Complete the Practice Activity on page 232


3. Assessment

Review the Test questions on page 232.


Lesson 9 : Report Designs


Report Tools->Design Ribbon

More Menu Maps

From the Print Preview Ribbon

Print Preview, page 215


From the Home Ribbon

Home ->Views->View->Layout View, page 216

Home->Find->Find, page 225

Home->Sort&Filter->Descending, page 227

Home->Sort&Filter->Filter, page 228

Home->Sort&Filter->Selection, page 230

Menu Maps

From the Create Ribbon

Create ->Reports->Report Wizard, page 210


From the Report Layout Tools->Design Ribbon

1. Report Layout Tools, page 217

2. Design->Themes, page 218

3. Design->Header/Footer->Logo, page 220

4. Design->Header/Footer->Date, page 221

5. Header/Footer->Page Numbers, page 222

6. Report Layout Tools->View->Print Preview, page 223